The Anesthesia Department provides complete anaesthesia services, including general, spinal, major regional, moderate and deep sedation and pain management.

Clinical Laboratory

The Clinical Laboratory Department 1provides comprehensive testing and blood bank services for all patients utilizing the facility.

Diabetic and Endocrinology centre

This covers all assessment, educational, diagnostic, and· therapeutic needs of diabetic and endocrinology patients.

Pharmacy Department

The Pharmacy Department is designed to meet the ·primary needs of all customers. The customer base is composed of all patients, both inpatients and outpatients, who require medications, medication counselling and/or education.

Dental Services

Our Dental Care Centre offers a series of services, such as dental implants, crowns, bridges, oral surgical: procedures, other matters about the correction of mal-aligned teeth, teeth whitening, maxillofacial surgery, prosthetic rehabilitation and paediatric dental procedures.

Family planning & Adolescent Health clinic

At OHP Hospitals, we Improve pregnancy planning and spacing and prevent unintended/unwanted pregnancy and Improve the healthy development, health, safety, and well-being of adolescents and young adults (AYAs).

Physical Therapy

The Department provides prescribed therapies/tests for the inpatient and outpatient population. Therapies are performed at the patient bedside or in the physical therapy department. Services include comprehensive assessments, development of treatment plans, delivery and documentation of care, consultation, re-evaluation; discharge
planning and patient/family education.

Surgical services

The dept. of General Surgery is manned by Senior Consultant Surgeons, who are highly qualified and well trained to take care of the admitted patients in the hospital. At OHP Hospitals’, we are committed to being efficient and dynamic in specialized surgical services. Our patients receive the best care thanks to our dedicated and experienced staff.

Pediatric Specialities

All pediatric specialities are covered including Cardiology, .pulmonology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, endocrinology, neurology, infectious diseases, allergy immunology and nephrology. The clinic is available on specific days of the week.

Wellness and Preventive Healthcare

Health promotion and disease prevention programs focus on keeping people healthy. Health promotion programs aim to engage and empower individuals and communities to choose healthy behaviours, and make changes that reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases and other morbidities.
Why Do You Need Preventive Care?
Even when you’re in the best shape of your life, a serious condition with no symptoms may put your health at risk. Using these services at the right time can help you stay healthier by:
Preventing certain illnesses and health conditions from happening
Detecting health problems at early stages, when they may be easier to treat
The health assessments give you an in-depth insight into your current state of health and give you the means and motivation to make sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

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